Macrame – Now & Then

Handwoven Macrame Table Runner – Anthropology $72

I was a little surprised by the recent comeback of Macrame at stores like Anthropology, on the New Darlings blog with their West Elm living room makeover and the DIY projects I’ve seen on Instagram.

Macrame Plant Hanger - BJs Macrame Tempe

Macrame Plant Hanger – BJs Macrame Tempe

But it made me excited to do a little research into BJs Macrame – Tempe, owned by my grandma, Betty Dumond and aunts, Jan Fogel (Miller) and Jerrye Van Leer.

Macrame At Danelle Plaza, 3300 S. Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ, you probably knowΒ  where it is, by Yucca Tap Room and Eastside Records.Β  But in 1972, it was BJs Macrame, offering “…everything anybody needs to know about macrame…” according to Jan Young of the Tempe Daily News, now the East Valley Tribune. BJs sold all the necessary supplies and it was amazing what they could do with a little skill and knowledge.

Macrame Owl - BJs Macrame

Macrame Owl – BJs Macrame

Everything comes full circle and Macrame is no exception.Β  I’m currently decorating my own creative space and I think a handmade Macrame piece will compliment my Arizona vibe well. Check out My Creative Space board on Pinterest for my inspiration as my new space comes together.


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