Halloween – The ULTIMATE Halloween Candy Cookie

@tweedledeeaz #halloween #cookies #baking

Halloween candy is popping up everywhere and this is absolutely my favorite time of year!Β  So, I was wondering, “How do I get all of my favorite Halloween candy in my mouth at once?” or what to do with all of that left over Halloween goodness, if that ever happens.

@tweedledeeaz #halloween #cookie #bakingDuh! Make the ULTIMATE Halloween Candy Cookie, and OMG! it is the best thing ever!

@tweedledeeaz #halloween #cookie #candy

I used this basic chocolate chip cookie recipe from Land O Lakes and added some of my favorite Halloween candy, including Reese’s Cups, Tootsie Rolls, Halloween Peeps, Candy Corn and popcorn balls. I omitted the chocolate chips and used about 2.5 cups of candy, chopped to about 1/4 inch pieces. I recommend using chocolate or caramel based candy, but you can always give anything a try.

@tweedledeeaz #yahoofood #halloween #cookie@tweedledeeaz #halloween #candy #cookiesMy favorite part of this cookie, well just one of my favorite parts, because they’re amazing, is the melty, carmaly, crispy bits when things like the Tootsie Roll and Candy Corn melt. And did I mention these are jumbo sized cookies!

@tweedledeeaz #halloween #candy #cookiesYou can also make these cookies a fun centerpiece and decorate with this rad party topper set you can find in the Tweedle Dee Designs (@tweedledeeaz) Etsy Shop!

I hope you enjoyed this amazing ULTIMATE Halloween Cookie post and I seriously think you should go make them right now.

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